Révolutionnaire !

Révolutionnaire !



Materials used to realize the spring are composite. Call PSCF (Plastic Strengthened in Carbon fiber), or “carbon”, they are not model by computer. No physical law was established, allowing to know the functioning of these materials. Elements in carbon fiber are empirically sized. For big part, such as aircraft wings, the modelling can be extrapolated by the characteristics of a small plane surface.But for a spring of twisting with spiral, no modelling was possible.

A sizing was realized because the functioning of the spring can be reduced to the twisting of a bar. The refining of this sizing can not use a modelling, it will be the succession of springs prototypes that will allow to obtain this finished product.

So, there are several techniques of implementation of the PSCF. They must be studied according to the real resistance of the spring.

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This mode of implementation – by empirical sizing – is not in our French culture. In France, we prefer to push at the most studies to reduce the operated to their simplest expression. In the Anglo-Saxon countries this methodology is much better authorized, and a trust of all the actors is granted. So this project has a need of financing, because of its mode of prototypage. Banks and investors are strongly interested, but they wish to see the finished product above all.

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Spires Carbone need a help to the starting up and to see this beautiful project CUSSC grow up.

To do it, a first participative financing (crowdfunding ) has been developed on the platform of the site KISS KISS BANK BANK :


3 600 € were given (against small compensations) by 45 contributors, and i thank them warmly. These contributions shall allow to realize the first prototype of the mechanism (6 000 €).

A new campaign allowing to finance the test on the bike, begin at the beginning of December. This campaign of participative financing is realize on the site of ECOBOLE. It is a site centred on the financing of ecological project :


Thank you for meeting us and for your help.


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