Bike with Mechanical Assistance

Leader Bruno Civardi

Velo URBAIN + VAM en 3D réduit

The bike which will revitalize your everyday life.

This patented technology, present in the back wheel of a bike, possesses a spring in spiral around the axis of the wheel, which stores in twisting the energy of braking of the bike.

This energy can be restored to the wheel at the deliberate moment.


Here is a LETTER OF SYNTHESIS IN FRENCH has to download it pdf:

Vélo aide mécanique au pédalage – 1

L2.2Recycle your practice of bike !

Why this bike which gets back your energy ?

Our companies produces ceaselessly new tools, but often the financial interests prevail over the protection of our environment.

The batteries of pedal-assist electric bike are recycled at low cost, often in developing countries. Where they are buried for the greater part, and become time bombs. But they are also recycled wildly to get back the raw material, by people not informed about the danger and poisoned in a irreversible way.

These batteries are not recyclable 100%.

The costs of their antipollution treatment are not counted in their sale prices. It will be the future generations which will undergo the consequences.

We had to react.BMX-DWG_Blue_2 réduit


L1.1-L2.3-L5.2 - CopieWork without maintenance, without battery !

Spires Carbone developed a mechanism in the back wheel of bike, wich propose almost similar functions as pedal-assist electric bike, without presenting the inconveniences in terms of recycling :

a BAM, a Bike with Mechanical Assistance.

He was called CUSSC. And it is under development.

The BAM does not possess all the characteristics of the VAE and has not for vocation to replace it. He will propose a not polluting alternative for specific routes.

I propose you :